Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Scourge by Roberto Calas (Kindle Serial)

2 days ago I downloaded my first Kindle Serial. A Kindle Serial is a book published in episodes and each episode is published about every 2 weeks, at least for this novel.

The Scourge
Roberto Calas

Book Stats:
Episode 1 - released 11-13-12
Pages - 37
Genre - Historical Fiction/Fantasy
Setting - Medieval England
8 total episodes
Episode 2 release date - 11-27-12
Kindle Price - $1.99 (this is a 1 time purchase, all episodes are included in this price)

Amazon Book Description:

God has forsaken this land.

A mysterious plague descends upon 14th century England, ravaging the country and trapping the souls of the afflicted in eternal madness. The feudal hierarchy--and even the church itself-- slowly crumbles as the dead rise to feed and the living seek whatever shelter they can. The bishops of England call for calm and obedience, but one man isn’t listening.
Sir Edward of Bodiam has been separated from the woman he loves and nothing on heaven or earth can stop him from seeking her out.
Edward and two of his knights travel through the swiftly changing landscape of England, a countryside now overrun by the minions of hell. The knights encounter madness, violence, and sorrow, but Edward fights his way ever deeper into the thickening darkness of unholy terror.
Roberto Calas brings you along on a dark, historical tale full of love, death, and black humor. Follow Edward as he journeys to save his wife, his kingdom, and his very soul.

What I've learned about Roberto Calas - Not much, after running across this novel on amazon I looked to see if Roberto was on Goodreads and he is, so I sent him a friend request which he has accepted. He is a new author whom I hope to get better acquainted. Roberto has released another novel this year titled, The Beast of Maug Maurai, The Culling, which I know nothing about yet. He is been a journalist for sometime and worked for magazines etc. He has listed his genre as fantasy, historical fiction.
Roberto Calas website
Roberto Calas on Goodreads

The Scourge - In episode 1 we meet Sir Edward and his 2 knights, Tristan and Sir Morgan as they head North to find Sir Edwards beloved wife. Traveling north is prohibited and Sir Edward is no exception. The church believes the plague began in the North of England and that it is where the worst of the plague has manifested. Fast paced, full of excitement and just enough terror to make you clench your teeth. The ending of episode 1 is a true nightmarish cliffhanger!

Imagine zombies in Medieval England! It is a very interesting and novel idea for Calas to replace the black plague with the plague of the living dead, even though zombies seem to be so popular right now. Think of what people must have thought when they saw their own loved ones afflicted with the black plague. I imagine it was probably just as scary as facing a zombie, ummmm except for the fact that black plague victims weren't trying to eat your flesh!

"Mischief Managed" ~ Kelly

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