Monday, November 12, 2012

Sibel Hodge - The Amber Fox Mysteries

The Amber Fox Series Box Set - Kindle (all 3 books)

Book 1 - The Fashion Police
Book 2 - Be Careful What You Wish For
Book 3 - Voodoo Deadly
Author - Sibel Hodge
All three novels are set in England
Genre - Fiction/Literature (Chick-Lit Romance Mystery)
Each book is between 220 and 255 pages
Amber Fox is the main character - she is an ex-police officer turned investigator for her ex-boyfriends insurance company.
I ran across this series by Sibel Hodge on my Kindle, i know what your thinking.......duh!
Book 1 was free and the story likened to Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series so I thought why not?! Now I don't know that this author has the writing experience that Evanovich does so lets try not to compare the writing styles in that sense. As far as the characters, books content or story line, humor and overall feel of the fiction/mystery (chick-lit) then I would say yes, it is in the same genre.
Hodge is talented in that she can weave a good story and keep you interested. I did see where the books are likened - the eccentricities of the of supporting characters, the subtle humor (which really these books are very amusing) but I had to stop comparing them to Plum series. I didn't want to think that Ms. Hodge was trying to duplicate Evanovich. This author is her own and she deserves the praise for these books without comparison - so a pox on the reviews for putting that in my head!
I enjoyed all 3 novels and though I don't believe there will be a 4th in the series I would read it if published! I don't want to spoil the romance of this series but I LOVE what the author chose to do with her main characters love lives! Love love love it! The stories move along quickly and they don't feel like they are over done. A few times I felt she used the same phase or wording to express cant/funny expression but I could have been mistaken. Three recommendable very enjoyable cozy chick-lit mystery romances.
I hope you will check out Sibel and her Amber Fox series and find them as enjoyable as I did!
"Mischief Managed" ~ Kelly

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