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Stolen Crown - Susan Higginbotham

Stolen Crown: The Secret Marriage that Forever Changed the Fate of England
Susan Higginbotham

I loved this historical fiction novel, I couldn't bear to put it down.

I have a hard time remembering names of characters, especially if they don't play a huge role in a book, heck from time to time I forget the main characters names and sooo you will understand I can be easily confused. I was daunted by the thought of all the Henry's, Richard's, Harry's, Elizabeth's and so on but this author was amazing. For the length of this book and the shear audacious number of characters mentioned I did not once have any problem deciphering who was who. I was never confused, perhaps because I was so into the book.  
This novel was enthralling, the characters dynamic and the history rich throughout. I love the author’s depiction of Katherine and Harry’s story. Katherine (7) and Harry (9) marry and we follow them during their marriage, while at court, during war, love, child birth and death of friends and loved ones.

I didn't feel that any character had been short changed, nothing was left hanging and I was not once bored. Higginbotham did not disappoint me!! With what little history has been documented in regards to Katherine and Harry she still managed to bring to life these interesting historical figures. The emotions were real, the heartbreak, tenderness, love, disappointment etc. I felt it all! Higginbotham, in my opinion, weaved a wonderful tale. I will definitely be reading more of her novels.

Book Stats:
Genre - 15th Century Historical Fiction
Length - 403 pages

Goodreads Book Description

Trapped in the Wars of the Roses, one woman finds herself sister to the queen...and traitor to the crown

When six-year-old Kate Woodville’s beautiful sister Elizabeth makes a shocking—and secret—marriage to King Edward IV in 1464, Kate and her large family are whisked to the king’s court. Soon a bedazzled Kate becomes one of the greatest ladies in the land when she marries young Harry Stafford, Duke of Buckingham. But Kate’s fairy-tale existence as a duchess is shattered when the ongoing conflict between the houses of Lancaster and York engulfs the Woodville family.

As Edward IV fights to keep his crown, Harry’s relatives become hopelessly divided between Lancaster and York. Forced constantly to struggle with his own allegiances, Harry faces his defining moment when his dear friend Richard, Duke of Gloucester, determines to seize the throne for himself as Richard III. With lives in jeopardy and nothing less than a dynasty at stake, Harry’s loyalties—and his conscience—will be put to the ultimate test.

Susan Higginbothams Website

Harry - (Henry) Stafford, 2nd Duke of Buckingham & married to Katherine,
signature was Harre Bokyngham and motto  - "remember me often" from Garter stall plate St. George's Chapel, Windsor
I could not find a picture of Katherine but I will keep trying!

You will have to forgive me if I've left anything out, I've been sick since Thanksgiving and right now I'm exhausted, so I bid you goodnight!

"Mischief Managed" ~Kelly

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  1. Great review. You do love HF as much as I do. And I agree with your blog intro, I also have the insane desire to read as many books as possible!!
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