Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I do not have many earthly hero's, I just never have! I've never been fascinated by actresses or actors, though I do have a few hem...John Wayne. He is just so sexy, I would have loved to meet him, but he died just a few months before I turned 3. Sigh! This is my favorite John Wayne movie, I love when he spanks Katherine (Maureen O'Hara).
I've never been thrilled with politicians either. I will admit that there are some incredible hero's from the past.........
George Washington Werewolf*
by Kevin Postupack
*I haven't read this yet but I'd like to. I do love my spoof lit. So many books, so little time.

I've not really thought much about inventors as hero either though I suppose one could idolize an inventor, especially if you are in love with your iPhone, as my son is lol
The Telephone Gambit: Chasing Alexander Graham Bell's Secret
by Seth Shulman
looks like an intriguing tale
I digress as usual, what I am slowly getting at here is a worthy hero, a select group that we may not always consider hero/heroine material. We possibly even pass them off as just being there doing their job to entertain us and low and behold we take them for granted....AUTHORS!

They give us so much - escape from the grind of daily living, enjoyment, a chance to live many lives, the ability to travel to far off places, to see things we have never seen and may never have the opportunity to see in person. We are time travelers and worldly explorers all because of authors. They have a true gift, so today I celebrate my earthly hero's...authors! There is no way today that I can share all of the heroic authors that have shaped my world but just a few of my favorites will suffice. The pictures are from goodreads and the links will take you to their author pages on that website.
Louisa May Alcott - Author of Little Women etc
Barbara Cartland - Queen of Romance

C.S. Lewis - best known for his The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe Series

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - yep creator of Sherlock Holmes
Ariana Franklin - Mistress of the Art of Death series & many more

Jill Barnett - my favorite historical romance author

Lucy Maud Montgomery - Anne of Green Gables

William Shakespeare - English Playwright

Bill Watterson - Calvin & Hobbes Comics
Ian Fleming - James Bond

These authors have all given me something special and I'm not talking literary genius, though in my opinion they are phenomenal, I speaking of pleasure...hours and hours of pleasure. I could add so many authors but these came to mind this evening. I'm sure I'm leaving deserving favorites of mine out and not intentionally either. I hope you've enjoyed my look at author hero's. Just imagine what life would be without books......NO, it's just not worth contemplating!
"Mischief Managed" ~ Kelly


  1. This is a GREAT post. Ian Flemmings life is quite a book once he was quite the playboy and apparently had a friend after whom he tailors Q...Did you know that he also wrote Chitty Chitty Ban Bang ?
    M.C.V. Egan

    1. Thank you so much! I didn't know Flemming wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, he is fascinating! I grew up watching all the Bond movies with my mom and dad and have since just thought loved him. I'm going to have to check into that book about him! If he is anything like his Bond character he is definitely a playboy, lol. My mom did tell me that Connery was his favorite "Bond" I wonder what he would think of the newer bond movies?!

  2. I'm following your blog on Tumblr now, The Bridge of Deaths looks amazing, I'm definitely going to have to read your book! :)