Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Two Regency Romances

Regency 1 - Last night I read the short novella, Regency Romp - Happy Christmas Mr. Jones by Linda Sole.

The novella stars Lydia Savage with her sister, Jane and a few others who play minor rolls. The hero of the hour is Captain Milliband and he's delightful. It's a sweet traditional regency short with good Christmas spirit and a happy ending. It's one of those short reads that is perfect as is, I can't imagine the author adding anything to it and I didn't feel anything was left out. I enjoyed the read and will possibly try reading another Regency by Linda Sole (if she has written others).

Regency Romp - Happy Christmas Mr. Jones
Amazon Kindle - $1.00
48 Pages
Setting - Regency, small village in England
Amazon - 3.5 stars
Goodreads - 2 stars
I gave it 3 stars

Amazon Description for Happy Christmas Mr. Jones

Lydia wants everyone to be happy for Christmas. Her sister Jane is determined to marry an unsuitable man because she wants to give Lydia a season, but Lydia has other ideas. She must not let Jane sacrifice herself but in trying to prevent her sister making an unhappy marriage will she sacrifice her own hopes?

Boxing Day - In England Boxing Day is the day after Christmas (generally the 1st Monday after Christmas if it falls on the weekend) and has been celebrated since Medieval times. In times such as the Regency period wealthier land owners presented boxes to the servants and poor usually filled with needed items such as clothes and food and sometimes they were given money; servants usually got the day off too. Boxing Day was also a traditional day to go fox hunting.

Regency 2 - A few days ago I read His Majesty, the Prince of Toads by Delle Jacobs.
This is the same author who wrote The Mudlark, which I enjoyed immensely and wrote a post on a few days ago. I will start out by saying that I did not enjoy this novel as much but at the same time I didn't dislike it. To recap from another post, the title drew me to this little novel, I didn't care for the cover art. Jacobs gives her characters plenty of time to interact and I like that. I felt the characters, Lucas and Sophia,could have fallen in love a lot earlier in the book or worked out a different arrangement earlier making the novel seem a little longer than was maybe necessary. That being said, it was a nice read to pass an evening when you are exhausted from a long week and haven't the energy for much else. There is plenty of humor too, which I love in my novels. It's short so that you can read it in one sitting and not stay up all night. I did like the characters, though I would have liked to see a little more romance, maybe more than a kiss on the palm of her hand since they are married. I may have been generous and gave the book 4 stars when I added it to my Goodreads journal but I won't regret it, I did enjoy the story. I would also like to add that Delle Jacobs does choose very original problems to inflict on her characters. I've read a lot of novels and both this novel and The Mudlark were unusual in that respect.

His Majesty, the Prince of Toads
Delle Jacobs
Stats: Amazon Kindle - $2.99
220 Pages
Setting - Regency, London (during season)
Amazon - 4 stars
Goodreads - 3.39 stars
I gave it 4 stars

Amazon's Description for His Majesty

Sometimes it takes more than a kiss to change a toad into a handsome prince.

When Captain Lucas Deverall returns from the Peninsular War to succeed to his deceased brother's title, he grudgingly decides to take back his wife. But even before he learns the circumstances of his inheritance, he encounters her at a New Year's gala. Shock sets in as he realizes the most beautiful woman in England is the same gangly, calf-eyed chit who tricked him into marriage six years before.

That's not how Sophie remembers it. She wishes fervently she'd had the sense not to scream when the drunken scapegrace crawled into her bed at her Uncle Harry's house party. True, she'd had a secret tendre for the handsome wastrel, until his scathing denunciation of her after their forced wedding. Then he went off to war without even consummating their union, and for six years she heard nothing from him. Now the toad offers her forgiveness in exchange for his presence in her bed? Revenge comes more to mind. And so the battle of wits begins. And the harder they fight it, the more they fall in love.
IN CLOSING, for having downloaded these 2 books when they were free I can't complain. I enjoyed both romance novels and though I didn't feel these will ever make it to my top 100 favorite books of all time, they still didn't disappoint me or make me feel like I wasted time reading them. That's what I love about books, you don't have to have a 5 star rating to enjoy them Just take the simple pleasures you receive and don't over analyze, enjoy the moment and don't feel cheated. Not everything has to be life altering and to be honest very few romances are. They are for enjoyment, to escape and I take them for simply that.
"Mischief Managed" ~ Kelly

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