Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Boys, They are Just Better in Books

"His love was passion's essence - as a tree on fire by lightning; with ethereal flame, kindled he was, and blasted; for to be thus and enamored, were in him the same."
Childe Harold Pilgrimage (Canto III)
Lord Byron

I go through fazes about what genre of books I like to read and recently I've been on a historical & regency romance kick. I can't help it, I love the hero's! I admit it, boys are just sometimes so much better in books!

I have an absolute favorite hero too - Marquis of St. Aubyn - they call him Saint and he is no where close to being a saint, thank goodness! He is the naughty and extremely irresistible hero in Suzanne Enoch's novel - London's Perfect Scoundrel (Book 2 in the Lessons of Love Series).

He is described by one of his soon to be ex-mistresses in the 1st chapter of the book: "My dear Miss Whoever-You-Are," Lady Gladstone murmured, "Saint doesn't have to be good, because he's so very....very, bad."

Evelyn Ruddick, the innocent, virginal object of his desire, is equally as appealing and lovable! She makes the story just as perfect as he does. No simpering miss and when she kidnaps him.......well you will have to read the novel to find out for yourself. Enoch may have just created my perfect hero, too bad he's make believe!

I do have a second favorite hero.....Griffith Knighton. He is quite different from Saint but appealing non the less and probably why he is my 2nd favorite. Created by Sabrina Jeffries he stars in
A Dangerous Love (Swanlea Spinsters Series, Book 1).

I must say this determined hero is more deceitful and takes a little longer to come around but because of his bull headed ways and high handedness he makes for an interesting and sexy hero. His Rosalind has enough fire to assure an exceedingly satisfactory tale.

Yes, boys.....they are better in books but the odds of meeting a man such as Saint or Griffith is absurd since they are created by 2 extremely creative authors who have amazing imaginations. However, if you love a good historical romance with a perfect scoundrel, um I mean hero, I suggest the 2 titles above. You will be begging for a naughty scoundrel to appear ready for you to reform, well we wouldn't want to reform them too much now would we?!

"Mischief Managed" ~ Kelly


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