Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Year Possibilities

It's a new year and I'm excited to begin working on my blog again. About a year ago I had to stop blogging and it's been depressing to say the least. I've missed being a part of the bibliophile community so very much. I didn't get to finish any of my reading challenges either but the worst is over and 2014 is a new year with no mistakes in it. YET! Lol I may not have finished my challenges last year but I did read some wonderful novels and so far this year I've read 10 books that I can't wait to share. Another change for me is I'm using my Kindle HD to blog with so it's going to take some getting used to. I haven't figured out how I will link books yet but I believe I'll be able to upload pictures. Please have patience with me as I attempt to grasp technologies firmly by the invisible bull horns and hope that I don't get thrown off. I hope you will join me, I have many new ideas and I can't wait to get started. I would like to sign off today by sharing a little valentines day book trivia - Shakespeare mentions valentines day in his play, Hamlet. Ophelia sings, "Good morrow! 'Tis St. Valentine's Day; all in the morning bedtime; And I a maid at your window, to be your valentine!" Now as usual naughty Shakespeare did not just stop there he also finished the verse with "then he rose, and donned his clothes, and dupped the chamber door. Let in the maid that out a maid never departed more. So I leave you with that....bit of valentines naughtiness brought to you by our beloved Shakespeare! Good Morrow my friends! "Mischief Managed" - Kelly